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    What makes a country home candle?

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    Diane and Terry Ellah have always favoured a rustic “country home” aesthetic, and when they began making candles they wanted to create something unique that fit that look. They’d seen so-called “grunge” candles, roughly pebbled country-style candles, but they wanted to make something to suit a slightly more refined country home.

    Unique pebbling makes a country home ice candle

    Every country home ice candle is one-of-a-kind with its unique pebbled texture.

    With a bit of experimentation, Diane and Terry came up with Country Affair’s rustic pillar “Ice Candles”, a unique Meaford take on a Canadian country home candle. Dramatic and stylish with their frosting of wax crystals, but with a unique hand-crafted rusticity, they found a home with people who appreciate all kinds of styles – from casual uptown to country home décor.

    They soon perfected a way to hand-craft these country home candles in the Meaford “Candle Factory”.

    Country home style is what we’re all about. It’s why we called our company Country Affair Candles. We invite you to browse and find the perfect country home ice candle today.

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